Tilt Forward Chef Knife Field Guide Knife Shoulder Harness Sheath

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The Whitaker Leather Custom Hand made Shoulder Holster Knife Sheath is made to the size of your knife! A real shoulder holster for your Chef knife or camping knife.

  • Snap closure with tilt forward design
  • Lined back plate
  • Adjustable lined straps.
Available in our Rustic Brown (shown), Black or Lightly oiled which is natural leather turned slightly darker by the oil.

Made to order, you will need to send a picture of your knife next to a ruler. Allow 1-2 weeks as these are made to order for each knife.

Larger knives will cost slightly more. - contact me with questions.

Each Chef Knife shoulder holster sheath is made to order. Each will be different slightly due to nature of leather and your type of chef knife.