Leather Wrap Bracelet with O Ring Closure

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The E.H. Campbell Trading Company Leather Wrap bracelet is hand cut from real leather! The bracelet is designed to fit any wrist - large or small - Trim to fit!

Two Easy Choices!
  1. Choose from Single Wrap or Double Wrap.
  2. Choose from Light Brown Suede, Dark Brown Suede or Black or Brown smooth leather.

Design: The design features a simple large O-Ring closure. Simply wrap around your wrist and slide the end piece through both sides of the ring openings.

  • Single Wrap: 10 inches - has enough leather to wrap and trim once for a comfortable fit.
  • Double Wrap: 18 inches -  is long enough for two wraps and then trim for a comfortable fit.

Wear tight or loose: Simply wrap as desired for a comfy and stylish look! Trim any excess with scissors if desired!

Check out the pictures for examples of each wrap style.

One of a Kind: Each bracelet is slightly different due to the nature of leather. Each bracelet is hand cut with leather shears ensuring a classic look with a bit of rustic style tossed in.

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