Leather Hair Barrette With Stained Wood Stick, Handmade in USA, Western, Southwestern, Hair Accessories perfect for gift Mother's Day

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Our made in the USA E.H. Campbell hair barrette is handmade from amazing leather pieces. Each barrette is made from high-end leather pieces left over from custom saddle, tack, and our holsters.

The leather used is from a regional Tennessee Tannery - not low quality water buffalo leather from India.

PROCESS: Each hair barrette is hand cut, hand tooled & stamped, hand stained, hand colored if available as an option, edged, and sealed. The back of the barrettes are left natural for a softer and better fit. The sticks are hand stained and sealed.

SELECT SIZE: choose from small or large. The small is for women and children with straight hair as shown in the photos. The Large is slightly wider for thicker, curly/wavy style hair.

SELECT DESIGN: Choose the butterflies as shown or from the options shown in the last picture. Note - the pictures of the different designs are all taken against the same color leather - just tweaked to show design better - and the light was totally different.

AS SHOWN - Yellow Butterflies
A - American Flag - No Added Color
B - Floret - No Added Color
C - Celtic Design - No Added Color
D - 3 Yellow Daises
E - Foot Prints - No Added Color
F - Decorative Cross - No Added Color
G - Yellow Wash Stars - three stars

NOTE: Due to the nature of leather there are always going to be slight differences. No two items are alike. We hand make, cut, stamp, dye, and color each piece.

Made in the USA