Heirloom Custom Knife Sheaths

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My handcrafted knife sheaths for fixed blade hunting and skinning knives are a folded pouch design with belt slots and snap strap/ Each sheath is carefully handcut and fitted to your personal knife. They are made from genuine cowhide leather, doubled glue, double saddle stitched by hand with waxed thread, formed to each individual knife, rustic brown dyed, and rubbed leather conditioner.

Designed for outdoor use of all types or to place on the mantle to highlight grandpap's 'ole hunting knife.

Prices start at $21.95 for three-inch and under fixed blades, and progress at $5.00 for each additional inch in length. Standard lock-back folders start at $25.00. Skeleton sheaths for clip back folders begin at $15.00. Since each sheath is formed to each knife, I will need your knife sent to me. I can not work from dimensions. You pay the shipping costs to me; I will pay the costs to return the sheath and knife back to you. Insurance is always optional.

NOTE:Knife in pictures not included. Each sheath is made to order, colors and style vary depending on your knife.