A word about Leather

There's one thing about leather that every craftsman knows when they start working on a hand-made item. "Everything starts with the leather!" The great thing is that extraordinary leather is not sterile.

Sometimes a scratch and dent is OK!
No two pieces of leather are alike. Well, in this day and age some leather is processed so much that they are actually... almost exactly alike. We hate that! We love leather that has character, that has a few scrapes, cuts, and dings. That's what makes our hand-crafted leather items so much different from the seats in your car.

Types of Hides and Leather We Use
We use full-grain hides that are hand-tanned from time honored methods. We also use select leather from some regional friends that sell us scrap from special projects. This high quality leather is let over from some of the best saddle makers in the business and is perfect for producing smaller items.

What we won't use are hides from endangered exotic animals - any exotic style leather we use on specialty items is actually cow-hide and we'll provide all of the information in the item description.

We try hard to steer away from overly processed hides that look like plastic. If any item, such as belts made from classic Italian Leather, uses a highly processed leather then we will tell you right in the description.

Each item we build starts with selecting the right piece of leather, like a painter picks a brush or color of paint. We look for the right piece, handle it, bend it to soften, and work with it until the character we are looking for is achieved.

The goal?
We want you to have a unique item that is one-of-a-kind!