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About E.H. Campbell

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The Brand: E.H. Campbell is a brand dedicated to traditional Americana outdoor living and style no matter where you are... even if you're inside and downtown!

  • Always seeking Made in the USA items!
  • Featuring Hand crafted works!
  • We design many of our items and also work with regional artisans.
  • We love re-purposed materials
  • We love recycled material
  • But, we love Premium leather as well
  • Based in Southeast Tennessee
  • If a product is imported we will tell you in the description. No secrets, nothing to hide!

The Name: Our name is dedicated to our families. "E" stands for Eli. "H" stands for Hank and Henry. Campbell stands for... Campbell, all of which are family names. The selection of the letters and last name covers just about every branch of our family tree. E.H. Campbell is uniquely Vintage Americana!

The Story: Our family has a rich tradition of military, EMS, and community service. We are also a family with ties to other countries and parts of the world but we all have a common thread - loving family, friends, life, and the opportunities this great nation has given us.

When we decided to start E.H. Campbell Trading Company we wanted to make sure that the hard work our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents was honored. That's why we have a focus on Made in the USA items whenever possible.