Heavy Duty Leather Guitar Strap Adapter Extender With Snap and Sewn Edges

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The Whitaker Leather handmade Leather Guitar Strap Extender comes with heavy duty snap! Perfect for that rock and role look for guitars with screw eye holders. Choose from three leather colors and two choices of hardware color.

Also perfect for adapting a guitar strap into a Purse or Bag Strap!

This strap extender is made from hand cut leather, sewn edge on vintage 1900's sewing machine. Secures in your guitar strap hole using a Chicago Screw. Sliding loop holds tension. Designed for Screw Eye Hole Strap Holders like EVH style.

Choose: Black Leather, Brown Leather, Light Brown Leather
Choose: Brass Color Hardware, Silver Color Hardware

This listing is for one strap adapter, or a pair - for your guitar strap. It is not a listing for an entire guitar strap. Please select Quantity at checkout.

This is designed to be somewhat "universal" and should fit just about every guitar strap. But, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

*EVH is property of Eddie Van Halen - this listing is not part of, owned by or implying a business connection with EVH brands or Eddie Van Halen. Simply using EVH as a descriptive term for that style of guitar strap.